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  1. Flagged Up

    January 18, 2017 by Amy Hansford

    In early December, my colleagues and I were sent on a three day First Aid At Work course run by St John’s Ambulance. It was really, really, really good. I last went on the course back in 2009 which was mainly a woman in a tweed suit talking at us in a warm, dimly lit room for three days where I tried not to fall asleep. This was a whole word away – funny, interactive, loads of hands on stuff, practical applications, scenarios – really good.

    If you are considering going on a first aid course at any level, I highly recommend the St John’s Ambulance team – they have loads on locations all over the UK and are, as I mentioned, really good.

    As a result, I bought two first aid packs – one for each car – and am also the First Aider for my area at work now as well as the Fire Warden. My workplace have a good handle on health and safety generally, so they’ve given me a bumper first aid pack to be kept in my desk and have monthly meetings for all First Aiders (big site, big FA team) to keep us all up to date. Realistically, the most I’ll be doing will be applying plasters and occasionally dealing with minor burns (we do a lot of cooking but I’ve never had any incidents). But it’d good to know stuff, right?

    Imagine my excitement when the Health & Safety Manager walked in to my office this afternoon brandishing my very own First Aider flag. Genuinely! I think it’s brilliant – I’m chuffed that I get to have it on my desk, and I think it’s a great idea that it’s so easy to quite literally flag down a First Aider when you need one.

    Let’s hope no-one needs me!

    Loving my First Aider flag

  2. Always look on the brig… ah, forget it.

    June 7, 2012 by Amy Hansford

    Just to warn you – I’m about to grumble, and it may not be pretty.

    I like to think I’m pretty organised. I also like to think that I do what I can to make things clear and obvious and therefore as easy as possible for people to understand. So I feel a bit disappointed today.

    I’ve spent the last few months organising some Team Teach training for targeted members of our transport staff. I arranged the venue, the trainers, the refreshments, the resources, I contacted managers and asked for names of attendees, I sent out information packs to not just the attendees but their managers too so everyone was aware it was occurring and, crucially, I even remembered to pack myself a lunch.

    This morning heralded the big day – day one of the two day course. 24 attendees, 2 trainers – what could go wrong?

    I arrived at the venue – nothing was set up. Cue hulking around tables and chairs. three of my colleagues (the only in house staff on the training) arrived. The trainers arrived. Good, all good. Two more trainees turned up. Fab. No refreshments. Crap. 8.30am turned and all was quiet from reception. I went and got the refreshments myself – everyone needs a cup of tea at that time of the morning. 8.45am and the tumbleweed whistled through reception. By 9am it was time to call it quits and get on with the session.

    6 people were there. 6. Just us for the whole day. Only 2 were external. The whole point of the exercise was to provide training for external staff. I’m yet to speak to the managers who failed to chivvy their staff along to the session, but I feel livid that the Council spends time and resources on trying to make a difference and it gets ignored by those it intends to help. I feel angry that I’ve seemingly wasted my effort on something that was meant to encourage a positive relationship between us and the taxi operators. I feel gutted that a session that was deemed good value in terms of attendance versus costings has become more akin to losing a wallet in the River Ouse.

    And what kicks me is that the training was so useful. To have the knowledge of how to de-escalate situations and get oneself out of a tight spot would have been invaluable to certain invisible attendees.

    So I feel a bit disappointed today.