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August, 2014

  1. “Didn’t you see it? I put it on my Facebook?”

    August 29, 2014 by Amy Hansford

    No. It must have got lost amongst the timeline posts from 350+ other people. I get this a lot.

    I have way too many friends on Facebook. My timeline has become a confused mess of passing moments from past friendships. I have at least 200 people on there with whom I never speak, converse, comment. I’ll probably never see them again, or have cause to bother them. Yet I can’t let go. It seems mean, crushing to ‘unfriend’ someone. But call it ‘unfollow’ and there – I can cope with that. Words are oddly powerful.

    As my sister said, “leave the past behind, don’t stretch your neck looking for a future that is hidden, love a bit of now and where you are now.” 

    So can I do it? Can I accept that I don’t really need to see photos of the children of the person I used to sit next to in Geography? The person that works for Disney that added me that one time? Can I make my timeline something I want to read, rather than a black hole in to which I’m pulled in a never ending cycle? Facebook has become the Hotel California – I feel like I can never leave. But I can try and whittle down the number of guests at least, and refocus its purpose.

    Time to have a think.

  2. Time flies and Facebook sucks

    August 26, 2014 by Amy Hansford

    It’s going too quickly to catch up.

    We have friends that we want to see, and not enough time to see them. And we find ourselves with a spare afternoon, and it seems rude to bother anyone, when really it’s not actually any trouble at all. As long as they’re not busy either, obviously.

    Here’s our current catch up list. It’s here so that I don’t forget, above anything else.

    Johnno and Fossy (3yo’s insistance, who are we to stand in her way)
    The Jaggers (we have clothes for W and we just damned well miss them)
    The Ramseys (we have seen their daughter once and that’s appalling)
    Leanne and Ben (I need my Waller hug dose)

    And we have others, so many others, and I just can’t think of them. No time.

    Facebook is a huge drain of time for me. I removed it from my phone and iPad – a brilliant idea as it means I’m not absolutely glued to my phone any more, mentally or physically. Heck, I even forget it when I go out sometimes. Which is nice actually; a bit like a ball on a chain you didn’t realise you had. But I still have the internet on my laptop, so therefore I still have Facebook. And it’s dreadful. The minute I get downstairs in the morning, the voyeurism takes over and I’m online.

    Wiping my Facebook account is not an option – I need it for my business, plus it keeps me in contact with friends and family. But I need to do something – it’s getting ridiculous. I go to close my laptop and my fingers act independently of my brain, automatically clicking the url bar, pressing ‘f’, the url magically appearing, and pressing ‘enter’ in sheer milliseconds. Before I know it, I’m caught scrolling the feed again. I finish, I go to close my laptop. And repeat.

    Tips for calming the addiction welcome.