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December, 2013

  1. Don’t blink – you are a parent

    December 12, 2013 by Amy Hansford

    "Look Mummy, I have a beard!"

    “Look Mummy, I have a beard!”

    Little L is on house arrest as she woke up yesterday with Chickenpox. Cabin Fever is beginning to set in.

    Little L: Can I do painting, Mummy?
    Me: No honey.
    Little L: Can I do painting, Mummy?
    Me: No honey, because we’d have to scrub all the paint off your arms afterwards and that’ll make you feel itchy and scratchy. Painting next week when you are better.
    Little L: Can I, Mummy?
    Me: Honey, it might make your arms hurt after. No, sweetie. Play with your fairy set.

    I seemingly blinked for a second. During this time, Little L has coloured in most of her arms and hands with felt tip pen and just started on her chin. Excellent.

    I think we all learned a valuable lesson here today. As Eeh Bah Mum put it so well earlier this week, children have an agenda. Consider your answers to questions carefully. Your answers will be assimilated by said infants and will be used against you in some way.