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  1. All change

    January 3, 2012 by Amy Hansford

    You may notice that ye olde blog looks a little different. I thought it was time for a little update and change of colour, plus changing to a theme that gives me a little more breathing space on the blog side of the panel compared to the last one. You like?

    According to Google Analytics, someone came to my website last month using possibly the most amusing phrase ever as a search term. “how to touch a girls butt without her finding out while she is awaket”. Brilliant. Certainly tickled me. The answer is here for you kiddo: don’t. You’ll get the most amazing slap if you do.

    And finally, I did say that I would make a hat to go with the washing-up themed pantomime dame dress below. That I did. Using baubles hotglued to a base and kept on with elastic, it’s meant to look like washing up bubbles. Unfortunately, given the rigorous nature of the dance routine involved, the hat had to be retired to the dressing room. Mind you, it still looked bloody good up to that point!

  2. How to: Knightmare shield and helmet

    August 23, 2011 by Amy Hansford

    For my 30th birthday we had a Kids TV themed party. I chose to go as a character out of Thundercats while Alex opted for going as a generic kid from the programme Knightmare. Huge credit to this kid for making us realise it was possible to make this outfit. I couldn’t find any pictures of the actual shield, so ours is based on his. While the photos don’t start until halfway through, I thought it might be helpful to post a guide on how to make such an outfit.

    The only item bought in advance was a viking helmet to use as a base.

    You will need:
    Cardboard (I used the one the helmet came in)
    Viking helmet
    Black pen
    A4 card
    Newspaper (I used the free ones, collected over a fortnight)
    PVA glue (school glue) (We could only find it in Hobbycraft)
    Strong adhesive
    Kitchen roll

    Step 1: Making shapes
    For the shield, I found a cardboard box big enough and drew on a basic shield shape before cutting it out. At this stage it looked like a giant guitar pick.
    For the helmet, I blew a balloon up bigger than Alex’s head, then sellotaped A4 paper around from the middle downwards to extend into a helmet shape. Note – you should use card as it’ll give it more strength!

    The plain shield with built up edges and central piece

    The plain shield with built up edges and central piece

    Step 2: Building up
    For the shield, I twisted newspaper and taped it around the front edge of the template. I also used more scrunched paper to build up the middle area of the shield where the raised eye would be. Both areas were built up around an inch high from the base.
    For the helmet, I used a mix of 1/3 PVA glue 2/3 water and pasted strips of newspaper all over the balloon and attached paper. I probably did around 4 layers before moving on to the next stage. It takes a long time, so be prepared to do this over several days to allow each layer to dry.

    Step 3: More of the same
    For the shield, I pasted newspaper all over the front. Once dried, I took some more cardboard and taped it on the back to make a handle, followed by – you guessed it – more newspaper pasting!
    For the helmet, it was time for the embellishment at the top. I taped a larger, pointed scrunch on newspaper at the front, three rounded scrunches to form a cross behind it, then two smaller scrunches inbetween the left/rear and right/rear. I then took a piece of card cut in the same shape and taped this on top – I also used strong adhesive to help. Once settled, I pasted with newspaper.

    Sticking the viking helmet (minus horns) inside the cropped popped balloon

    Sticking the viking helmet (minus horns) inside the cropped popped balloon

    Step 4: Shield 80% Helmet 60%
    With the shape of the shield now complete, it was time for the final top layer – kitchen roll. I used the PVA mix from before and pasted this on to give a strong and single colour base on which to paint later.
    The balloon still inside the helmet was burst. Make sure you have scissors on hand to quickly cut away from the sides of the helmet to avoid it collapsing in on itself. Having been cut down to a point where Alex could see his feet, I took the plastic viking helmet (minus horns) and glued it inside the paper helmet. This would ensure it sat comfortably on Alex’s head.

    Step 5: Helmet 70%
    At this point, the kitchen roll was still drying – while it’s stronger and a better base, it takes longer to set.
    I glued the horns to either side of the helmet using sellotape to secure the position and to fill in the gaps, then papered it.

    Before the paper...

    Before the paper…

    Before and after the paper

    …and after the paper

    Step 6: Helmet 80%
    I taped thick string (doubled up) around in the pattern seen on the original helmet, then kitchen rolled over this.

    Lots of lovely string

    Lots of lovely string

    Lots of lovely kitchen roll

    Lots of lovely kitchen roll

    Step 7: Finish
    Finally, I painted the shield and helmet. No pics of the process due to mysteriously vanishing from my phone.
    The shield was painted grey on both sides with a red iris on a white eye. The eye was outlined with black paint to make it stand out more.
    The helmet was painted white/grey for the horns, black for the ‘top’ piece, brown for the main helmet and black for the front centre drop. Gold paint was used for the stringed areas. Do note I was guessing at the majority of the colours. I was going for it looking good rather than being completely accurate.
    Alex used a pin to put several dozen holes in the front in patches to allow him to see. Visibility was still limited, but you couldn’t see any holes from the front at all.

    Finished Knightmare helmet

    The completed helmet!

    And so, the finished product!

    If you make your own Knightmare helmet or shield, do let me know. It’d be interesting to have a bit of a gallery!

  3. Costumes: Cocktails

    January 1, 2011 by Amy Hansford

    A theme I’d not given much thought to before was the subject of this year’s NYE Party. First question: do you go as an actual cocktail, or the literal translation of the name? For the pun costumes, you need to pick those which people might actually have heard of.? While there probably is a cocktail representative of a cheerleader, no-one will have heard of it so you’ll lose the punch (if you’ll pardon the pun). So, below is a list of those which we came up with.

    Black RussianBlack Russian outfit
    Black WidowBlack spider costume
    Bloody MaryBloodied nativity costume with doll baby Jesus
    Blue HawaiianHawaiian outfit in blue
    Bridesmaid Cooler – Bridesmaid wearing sunglasses
    Chocolate SailorSailor outfit with lots of chocolates
    Cockney ChampagnePearly King with a champagne badge
    Eggnog – Noggin the Nog (Viking) with lots of Kinder Eggs or similar
    Fallen AngelEvil angel costume
    Mai Tai – Wear a tie with the label ‘this tie is the property of [your name]’
    – Man with a hat on
    Mexican ChocolateMexican with lots of chocolate
    Naked Twister – Wear a Twister mat and little else
    Pina Colada – wear a colander with attached penises
    ShandySandy from Grease but pissed
    Shirley TempleShirley Temple
    Strawberry Bandit -Typical burglar costume but in red with a green mask/hat
    Strawberry Flapper – Flapper costume with attached strawberries
    White RussianWhite Russian outfit

  4. Shaken but not stirred

    December 27, 2010 by Amy Hansford

    Alright, last post for the day, I promise. I’m just overexcited at actually having something to write about and the time to do so.
    With 2011 looming, it’s almost time for the New Year’s Eve party. The theme this year is Cocktails.

    In a few days, i.e. once the party has been and gone, I will publish one of those handy ‘costume idea’ lists including pictures for y’all. But until then, I’m remaining tight lipped. Half the fun of costume parties is the mystery of what everyone goes as, and I can’t be giving any clues away on here of course…

  5. Top Five for June

    June 30, 2010 by Amy Hansford

    Monthly, I analyze my website statistics thanks to Google Analytics. The most entertaining stat by far is the collection of keywords typed into search engines that have led people here to Below I answer the top five queries, followed by my award for the Most Random Keyword.

    Yep, you found me. It’s a good little handle. I’ve had it for about 15 years now, so I’ve become quite attached to it, and it me.

    sequin top hat and tails gold
    You’re looking for Columbia stuff, right? There’s three things you can do.
    i) Get a bog standard one-size-fits-all jobbie from the interwebs.
    ii) Get a ‘Columbia In A Bag‘ – we like to see people have made the effort buy investing in a costume, but we like you more if you add to the costume, i.e. sew some proper ribbons on the shorts, reinforce the top etc.
    iii) Get As If By Magic to make you one.

    Columbia Rocky Horror pyjamas
    Do yourself a favour – don’t go mad on trying to get film accurate ones. If they’re blue and white stripe, or even blue and white in some sort of basic pattern, it’s absolutely fine! Besides, no-one will even notice once your nipple’s popped out.

    Rocky Horror costume guide
    You’re looking for one of two things.
    Either Ruth’s Anal Retentive Costume List, or the Student’s Guide to Rocky Horror Costumes. The latter, I created back when I was at university. Shamefully, not updated much past the girls, but the basic ideas of how to whip together your own costumes are there.

    Vyvyan Young Ones
    It continually entertains me that this search term brings people to my site regularly. This site has summed up the components of the outfit marvellously, but don’t forget the stars!

    And the award for Most Random Keyword for June is…
    9 1/2 toes

  6. Costumes: Television

    February 22, 2010 by Amy Hansford

    One of the widest themes around – trust me! I will be starting small with this post and adding to it as we go, or rather, as I remember. Do add your own ideas! And remember, we already have the Kids TV section so no talk of Rainbow or Fraggle Rock here.

    Ashes to Ashes – Gene Hunt, Alex Drake
    Doctor Who
    – any of the Doctors, Ace, Rose, Martha, Cyberman, Dalek, Captain Jack
    Family GuyPeter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, Cleveland and all the rest
    FireflyCaptain Mal, Zoe, Wash, Inara, Jayne, Kaylee, Simon, River, Shepherd
    FuturamaFry, Leela, Bender, Hermes, Dr Zoidberg, the Professor, Amy, Zapp Branigan
    Life on Mars – Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler
    Red Dwarf – Lister, Arnold Rimmer, Ace Rimmer, Kryten, Cat, Dwayne Dibley, Kochanski, Mr Flibble, Holly
    The SimpsonsHomer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Flanders, Nelson and all the rest
    South Park – Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan and the rest
    Top Gear – if you can go as all three (plus the Stig) you’re on to a winner *new*

  7. Costumes: Pubs

    December 21, 2009 by Amy Hansford

    This year, one of the New Year party invites came with a theme I’d not experienced before; Pub Names. Fairly obvious when you think about it, but still one I’d not given much thought to. I’ve pretty much figured out what I’m going as now, but for those of you in my earlier predicament, here’s a handy list of ideal pub names.

    All Bar One – paint every number over your top over and over again, except the number 1
    Bat and Ball
    The Black Cap
    The Blind Beggar – host to 10,000 London cabbies, all seemingly present at the Kray shoot out.
    Bricklayer’s Arms – brickie
    The Bright Star
    The Butcher
    The Castle
    Cat and Fiddle
    Charlie Brown’s
    The Chequers – black and white dress
    Cock and Bull – oh, behave.
    The Compasses
    Cross Keys
    The Crown – Beefeater
    The Devil’s Punchbowl
    Dirty Dick’s – Dick Turpin
    Dog and Bear
    Dog and Duck
    The English Rose
    The Fisherman’s Arms
    Flame – gay pub in Luton
    The Fox
    Fox and Hounds
    George and the Dragon – think Saint George in his knight phase
    The Globe
    The Grapes
    Green Man – meant to be a spirit of the woods; with modernisation, now the Green Giant who sells sweetcorn
    The Halfway House
    The Highwayman – Dick Turpin
    Hog’s Head
    Hope and Anchor
    The Horseshoe
    Hungry Horse
    The Jolly Sailor
    King’s Arms/Head – choose a king
    Leaky Cauldron
    Lord Nelson
    Man in the Moon – think the Mighty Boosh
    Nag’s Head
    The Phoenix
    Pig and Whistle
    Pink Punters
    Prince of Wales
    The Queen Vic – Queen Victoria
    Queen’s Arms/Head – choose a queen
    The Railway Tavern
    Red Dragon
    Red Lion
    Robin Hood
    Rose and Crown
    Sherlock Holmes – the famous detective
    Slug and Lettuce
    The Smugglers
    Three Broomsticks
    Three Tuns
    White Bear
    White Hart
    White Horse
    White Lion
    The Winchester – go as Shaun of the Dead
    The Woolpack – sheep

  8. Frank’s Green Gown

    August 20, 2009 by Amy Hansford

    The fabulous Phil Dunk over at the Timewarp forums has discovered this superb Frank surgeon gown. Notoriously difficult to find, this little beauty is pretty much perfect. Phil suggests that you may wish to snip off the elasticated wrists. Aside from that, this is an incredibly important find, given the difficulty people have had tracking them down. And at just over a tenner each, it’s worth getting a couple! Well done Phil!

  9. Janet Weiss at half the price

    August 4, 2009 by Amy Hansford

    Since publishing pictures of our lovely Janet Weiss pink dress on AIBM (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show), we’ve had a couple of enquiries regarding budget versions. While that’s not something we can do with this costume, I can instead share my top tip for instant Janets.

    The Jackie O costume is a godsend – pretty good on colour and shape and with a high neck – golddust! All it takes is a gingham collar and belt, white buttons and a bit of white trim, and it’ll look perfect with a white cardigan over the top. Who wants bulky arms under a cardi anyway?
    Always available on Ebay for cheaper than the stores (watch our for p&p), this is a great solution. You should be able to do the entire outfit for ?30.

    I may not maintain the Student’s Guide to Rocky Horror Costumes anymore, but I still keep my eye out for bargains!

  10. Costumes: Excellent 80s

    May 23, 2009 by Amy Hansford

    The key to decade themed parties is to pick up on key trends. Fashion, music, movies and tv are the things that people remember the most, they being what was represented in the popular culture of the time. Today’s theme is the Excellent 80s, so here’s a few ideas.

    Adam Ant – stand and deliver!
    Alf (US link) – I have no idea how you’d do this, but I’d be impressed.
    Back to the Future – will you be Marty McFly or Doc Brown?
    Bananaman from Acacia Avenue.
    Basil Fawlty offering the back of his hand to Manwell.
    BBC Test Card
    – blonde wig, chalkboard and freakish cuddly toy.
    Beetlejuice who says an alarming number of naughty things.
    Blues Brothers – you’ll notice that some of the best and most iconic films were made in the 80s.
    Boy George (Culture Club) with braids and every colour of the rainbow.
    Breakdancer – don’t forget your bling and practice your moves.
    Care Bears – with the Care Bear stare.
    Carrie – white dress, red colourant, ace costume.
    Charlie’s Angels because it grants the best team pose.
    Cocktail – black logo tee and shaker. Everyone’s friend at a party.
    Dangermouse with his faithful companion Penfold.
    Darth Vader/Princess Leia/Luke Skywalker et al from the Empire Strikes Back.
    Debbie Harry (Blondie) with the big blonde hair and dark roots.
    Dirty Dancing – don’t spend the whole night in the corner.
    Doctor Who was Tom Baker in the 80s. Big hair and big scarf.
    Edward Scissorhands although perhaps not in a confined space.
    ET – remember to phone for a cab at the end of the night, not just home.
    Flashdance – in dance outfit or in overalls, just leave the water at home.
    Fonzie from Happy Days. Eehhhhhhhh!
    Frank Spencer – keep referring to Betty in your flasherjacket.
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood – hey – relax!
    Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street.
    Ghostbusters – because it must be in as many of my lists as possible.
    Gizmo/Gremlin – I will love you forever if you do this costume.
    Grotbags – the greenest witch pre-Elphaba.
    He-Man compelte with sword. Could even have a fight with Skeletor.
    Indiana Jones – a whip can be very handy you know.
    James Bond is the costume for every decade.
    Jason Vorhees – the one with the hockey mask from Friday 13th.
    Jessica Rabbit from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’
    Knightmare – with an oversize horned helmet.
    Labyrinth – but only if you play with your glass balls.
    Madness – bonus points if you do the walk.
    Madonna all in white with lace and bows. Remember your beauty spot!
    Magnum PI – genius excuse for a massive moustache.
    Mermaid from ‘Splash’
    Miama Vice with a white suit and coloured tee, remember to roll up your sleeves.
    Michael Jackson with his silver glove, white socks and loafers, team with black leather jacket for a ‘Bad’ look or a red leather jacket to give a ‘thrill’.
    Mork from Ork in his red lycra suit with shiny triangle.
    Mr T or indeed anyone from the A Team.
    Olivia Newton John from the ‘Let’s Get Physical’ video – legwarmers, headbands and lycra agogo.
    Orville the Duck with the man attached.
    Ozzy Osbourne as the Prince of Darkness always lights up a party.
    Pob – no spitting please.
    Prince all in purple with a bit of stubble for ‘Purple Rain’
    Prom night – consider your taffeta gown, your corsage and your perm.
    Punk was all the rage. Think black leather mixed with denim and bright hair. Love your lipstick.
    Queen in a group of four, each wear a black top and choose a member of Queen to dress the head as. When questioned on who you are, run into a group? with your heads in the right place and start singing.
    Rainbow – such choice in puppetry!
    Rainbow Brite – shiny fabrics ahoy!
    Ralph Macchio (the Karate Kid) in your white uniform, head tie and a bit of wax on, wax off.
    Red Dwarf with a H head, robot face, Cat clothes or boiler suit, you’re set. Or just a black rollneck.
    Robert Smith (The Cure) – black black black, with a smidgeon (or smudge) of red lipstick.
    Rod Hull & Emu available from all good retail outlets.
    Roland Rat – Alright ratbags!
    Rubix Cube – it’s amazing what you can do with a cardboard box.
    Scarface – white suit, water pistol and scar.
    She-Ra – Brilliant chance to wear a cape.
    Smurfs and of course, Smurfette
    Spit the Dog
    worthy of his own entry.
    Superman – see, that stag night costume *can* be worn again.
    Superted with his friend, Spotty.
    The Breakfast Club if you can blag a gang of you to go, this would be mega fantastic.
    The Incredible Hulk – green it up!
    The Young Ones – choose from Neil, Vyvyan, Rick or Mike.???? ***new***
    Thundercats because everyone fancied Cheetara as a boy.
    Tiswas – Are you OOOOkaaaaay, the Phantom Flan Flinger, or HoudiElbow?
    Toni Basil in a cheerleader outfit from ‘Hey Mickey’.
    Top Gun with a jumpsuit and helmet. Don’t forget the shades.
    Toyah Wilcox because we love her. Colour, glam and attitude!
    Transformers – hey, people are really inventive with cardboard!
    V – get with the lizard face!
    Weird Science – jumpers + bras on heads. Pazzaz.
    Wham – choose life, and a quiff!
    Willo the Wisp with Mavis Cruet the Fairy.
    gives you the golden opportunity to demand booze.
    Wonder Woman – the tv heroine of the 80s.
    Worzel Gummidge – don’t forget the robin inside your tummy. And Aunt Sally.
    WWF – not the animal one, the wrestling one. Spandex, masks, and the occasional snake in a bag.
    Yuppie – with the introduction of mobile phones the size of a large brick, another sleeve roller. Remember the hair slick.
    Zombie from ‘Day of the Dead’