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December, 2008

  1. Costumes: Song theme

    December 30, 2008 by Amy Hansford

    I often receive requests for costume ideas to go with a certain theme. I thought it’d be a great idea to publish these ideas on here as a handy guide for friends and unknowns to use when in similar situations.

    Today, costumes for a party where you need to be a song.

    5 Colours In Her Hair ? plait some ribbons into your hair.
    Apologise ? wear a top with ?Sorry!? written on it.
    Ave Maria / Just Like A Prayer / Faith / Hallelujah / Stairway to Heaven / Pray / Praise You – dress as a nun.
    Beggin; – dress as a tramp.
    Black and Gold – come on, seriously. Think about it.
    Blue (Dabadee dabada) / Deeper Shade Of Blue – wear all blue.
    Bohemian Rhapsody ? in a group of four, each wear a black top and choose a member of Queen to dress the head as. When questioned on what song you are, run into a group? with your heads in the right place and start singing.
    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – take a kazoo!
    Bright Eyes (Watership Down) – bunny outfit.
    Celebration – party hat, streamers etc.
    Cornflake Girl – dress feminine and make cornflake accessories; bracelets, necklaces, hair clips.
    Could It Be Magic – top hat and magic wand.
    Dancing Queen – drag up with a crown.
    Dare ? write out lots of dares on small paper and pin them to yourself.
    Eye of the Tiger – dress as a tiger or print out a huge tiger’s eye and pin it to your top.
    Fade To Grey ? wear all grey.
    Fairytale of New York ? dress as the Statue of Liberty with fairy wings, tutu and magic wand.
    Ghostbuasters ? what?s that? Any excuse, you say? Why, yes!
    Girls On Film – become the party’s official photographer with your camera kit.
    Good Vibrations – um, well, PM me about that one…
    Grace Kelly – dress as Grace Kelly.
    Heard It Through The Grapevine – make some grape earrings/wig.
    I Can See Clearly Now – wear dark glasses and take them off occasionally.
    Innuendo ? this one is entirely up to you!
    I Put A Spell On You ? dress as a witch or wizard.
    I See You See Me / You’ve Got The Look – oversize glasses. Because normal ones
    aren’t funny enough.
    Lily the Pink – wear all pink.
    Lola – drag up. Look, dragging up is funny, okay?
    Maneater – work your way through a bag of Jelly Babies.
    My Fair Lady – drag up.
    Rabbit – bunny ears
    Rockstar – go as your favourite rocker. See ‘Guitar Hero’ for reference.
    Sexyback – cut the back out of a shirt and write ‘sexy’ on your back.
    Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves – multiple nuns!
    Suffragette City ? dress as a Sufferagette.
    Supersititon – take a rabbit’s foot.
    Tequila – bottle of Tequila with optional sombrero.
    The Devil Went Down To Georgia – dress as the devil.
    The Ketchup Song – nowt wrong with a couple of bottle of ketchup, or even sachets attached to your person.
    Voodoo Child – wear all brown, tie ropes around your ankle and wrist cuffs and waist, draw ‘sewn’ lines across your mouth and eyes. For added amusement, take a small drum.

    I’m sure there are more – feel free to add your own :o)

  2. Merry Christmas y’all!

    December 22, 2008 by Amy Hansford

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    Send your own ElfYourself eCards

  3. Mind The Gap

    December 20, 2008 by Amy Hansford

    So Gap, how crap do you want to be? How many tricks do you want to miss? And how much money are you losing out on?

    As many of you know, my body has somewhat inflated in the past month. After field trips to Dorothy Perkins, Peacocks, New Look and H&M, I’ve found that the British sizing industry has failed me. Size 14 tops cling to my pot belly and 16s hang off me like a mattress slung over a tree branch. I’m lost in sizing limbo, reduced to three tops bought stateside and previously baggy jumpers.

    But of course, stateside! KNowing that the ‘M’ tops in Old Navy fit, I thought I’d check them out. Oh, the delights of their multicoloured website! All the tops in the world under one web address. But, what’s that? No international shipping? Oh dear.

    Aha, but then I spied that Old Navy is part of a chain. Banana Republic is also owned by their head brand name – Gap. A superb realisation – perhaps Gap will have clothes that fit? On to A banking site. Hmm. A Google search shows no UK or even European Gap stores. The only sign of Gap-like life is someone asking the very same thing on Google Answers – where can I find the UK Gap store online? The answer: there isn’t one. My thoughts deflated, I realised my only hope of getting another top and minimising my washing frequency was to risk the Christmas shoppers and go to a Gap store. No thanks. While I only have three tops that fit, there’s two formal gowns and three work shirts I can fit comfortably.

    So if you see someone wandering Crouch End in trainers and an NYC jumper thrown over a black evening dress, it’s not your local bag lady.
    Just me.

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