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April, 2012

  1. You Give A Little Love

    April 15, 2012 by Amy Hansford

    A bundle of us trotted down to Commercial Road yesterday for this.

    Ready for Fat Sam's Speakeasy

    L-R: Mel, Alex, me, Johnno, Debs, Lynette*

    We, along with hundreds of others also in 20s get up, loved the whole experience. It’s not often you enjoy queueing, but when you’re continually entertained by inquisitive molls, child audience members carrying ‘Splurge Inc’ boxes with gangsters and pedal cars, it’s a pleasure. Ramsey was told to hide his inflatable gun (“Whataya doin’? There’s cops here, ya know?”), Bugsy asked Debs and Lynette if they were “da dancin’ goils” and a fight unravelled in front of us, complete with inept coppers.

    The Troxy was beautifully done out to bring back its glory days, beautiful lights embellishing the already in place art deco touches. Cabaret seating meant it was a real Speakeasy atmosphere, compered by Fat Sam himself. There was at least an hour’s worth of entertainment and participation before the film itself was screened. As an audience, we whooped for the heroes and booed for Dandy Dan and his gang. For the finale, it’s no secret that FutureCinema have prepared the biggest pie fight you’ll ever find. Fat Sam gave us all a minute to grab a poncho while the dancing girls loaded up the pies before the film restarting and the gangsters letting rip with their authentic looking Splurge Guns. An entire room full of children and adults dancing with their hands up and singing “you give a little love and it all comes back to you” won’t be forgotten.

    A brilliant time had by all – so inclusive, immersive and above all, fun.

    The great news is that this operation is getting bigger. FutureCinema are looking at creating more child friendly immersive cinema treats along the same lines as Bugsy, the first time they had made a family oriented cinema event. What could be next? I’d love to see what they could do with the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or my personal favourite, the Goonies. What classic family films would you pick?

    Whatever they do, I hope they continue. These wonderfully theatrical adventures are exactly the kind of thing I’d love to bring Little L to one once she’s old enough to enjoy them. Until then, Mummy and Daddy will indulge themselves in their childhood dreams.

    *Picture half inched from Paul Ramsey who was hiding behind the camera at the time!

  2. Offbeat Bride

    April 8, 2012 by Amy Hansford

    I’ve slowed things down. Generally, life is good. My impressive run of bad luck continues – each day seems to bring its own new surprise – but things are dealwithable. There’ve been a couple of chest twinges but nothing that a cup of tea and some pills haven’t helped. Just don’t tell work – someone somewhere will surely put me over their knee and slap me.

    Anywho, one of the feeds I follow on my Google RSS is Offbeat Bride*, a brilliant blog with ideas and thoughts on weddings.I wanted to rip this entire blog post and put it on here but thought that would be unfair to the author. So instead, click the link below to see

    10 tips for how to handle me now that I’m a bride.


    *I also follow Offbeat Home and Offbeat Mama – I just wish I had time to try out everything I see!