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November, 2008

  1. Toronto round up

    November 21, 2008 by Amy Hansford

    There are many wonderful things about Toronto, not least of which is the amazing undergound shopping network, meaning no-one really needs to be outside in the sub zero temperatures for more than five minutes.

    Also, the fact they darn well just get things done. Yesterday morning, the top news story was that of a house in which four bodies were found. By this afternoon, they’d revealed it was actually three murders and a suicide, their names, that they were a lovely family caught up in the economic strain and related issues and that it was all pretty much sorted. It did not involve a three month long investigation like we normally have for such things, or a Facebook group of people saying ‘boo, isn’t this bad – having an online theoretical group of people who agree with this will make a difference and bring them all back to life’, or ministers commenting on whether or not it should have beenb allowed to happen.

    People are nice. Just because it’s natural to be nice, and say hello when you pass each other, and say thankyou.

    The cost of living is lower, so people can enjoy things more, so they are happier.

    There are no chavs. There are only the occasional gang of emos, which are of course very easy to deal with as they’re not interested in cutting you, only themselves.

    Adverts for Dr Who are hilarious.
    Deep voiced American: ‘The universe is at stake…’
    David Tennent: ‘It’s alright – I’m the Doctor!’ [in a Michael Caine-esque voice.]

    They can heat things properly, so you don’t feel like a room is being deliberately overheated – it’s just right.

    It’s clean. This is because the people aren’t idiots and know how to use a bin. As bizarre and difficult a concept as it sounds, people actually put wrappers in their pockets until they find a bin rather than dropping it on the ground. I know – unbelievable.

    Toronto is what a city should be – it works!

    Tomorrow … Vancouver, and the search for cupcakes.

  2. It’s ok.

    November 11, 2008 by Amy Hansford

    Occasionally I say ground breaking things. I know, incredible as it may seem. But I?m not talking Einstein levels. Just something that I?ll say in a conversation that makes *me* review how I?m doing things, not anyone else. Little Amy revelations, if you will.

    I had such a moment this weekend.

    While chatting with a friend I don?t see nearly enough, I said the following;

    ?You know, I?ve been through the worst thing in my life I could ever go through. Everything else is manageable.?


    You only get one mum, truly, and when you lose her it is absolutely devastating. But I?m still here and actually, I?m ok. Comparatively, a 5 hour journey home becoming a 9/10 hour one is actually quite doable. As is getting caught in the rain on my way somewhere, wearing a pair of trousers that are a bit too tight and only realizing this upon arrival at work, missing a tv programme ? it?s all doable.


    I?m not suggesting the world deliberately go out of its way to throw angst at me, but I do feel a little more confident that I can cope with whatever metaphorical banana skin should appear next beneath my feet.