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  1. Busy Little Bee

    May 20, 2013 by Amy Hansford

    I missed this Saturday’s post. Sorry! This is why.


    Yep, I’m in a show! I’m playing the part of Cinderella’s Stepmother in Into The Woods, but this is no pantomime. I’m stepping out of my safe zone with the first non-panto I’ve been in for yonks. It’s dangerous in them there woods…

    See it, don’t see it and miss out, up to you. But I’ll be there singing my socks off. I’m not hidden in the back; there’s solos and stuff. And I have a wicked dress. Normal service to be resumed once it’s all done!

  2. All change

    January 3, 2012 by Amy Hansford

    You may notice that ye olde blog looks a little different. I thought it was time for a little update and change of colour, plus changing to a theme that gives me a little more breathing space on the blog side of the panel compared to the last one. You like?

    According to Google Analytics, someone came to my website last month using possibly the most amusing phrase ever as a search term. “how to touch a girls butt without her finding out while she is awaket”. Brilliant. Certainly tickled me. The answer is here for you kiddo: don’t. You’ll get the most amazing slap if you do.

    And finally, I did say that I would make a hat to go with the washing-up themed pantomime dame dress below. That I did. Using baubles hotglued to a base and kept on with elastic, it’s meant to look like washing up bubbles. Unfortunately, given the rigorous nature of the dance routine involved, the hat had to be retired to the dressing room. Mind you, it still looked bloody good up to that point!

  3. Moodog – to eat or not to eat

    February 6, 2011 by Amy Hansford

    When you’re doing a show run, dinnertime is a slightly fraught issue. Trying to get food down you quick enough before a show is one thing – trying to find somewhere that does fast food where the queue isn’t 100 people deep is another.
    Debs and I tried? a new outlet in Luton’s Arndale shopping centre called ‘Moodog’, focussing around hot dogs, hot drinks, ice-cream and doughnuts. All well and good. Or so you might think.

    The hotdogs themselves – great. The french bread around them, coated in a dried syrup – vile. I can appreciate caramelised onions, but this was like eating a spoonful of pate with a spoonful of honey. Doesn’t work.

    After all that, I couldn’t face the doughnut. I’d already had enough sugar! So instead, the doughnut faced me :o)

    In short, if you’re passing Moodog, grab a doughnut, or a hot dog, but certainly not the two together.