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October, 2008

  1. Puzzling

    October 24, 2008 by Amy Hansford

    I’ve always liked puzzles. I started off with wordsearches as a youngen, loving those kids puzzle books with everything in and the free pen. Graduated on to Logic puzzles thanks to a friend of my brother who would pop me on her lap as I watched her complete them, fascinated. Then like many people, onto Sudoku, happily ending up most recently at Hanjie which I’ve been doing for a couple of years now. This involves numbers and colouring in – perfect for me!

    WHSmith, the only stockists of the Hanjie book*, rarely have them in stock. Bored of going in to Wood Green for nowt, I thought I’d go the whole hog and subscribe. And I got my first copy delivered to my door today.

    However, I was a little perturbed by the advertising enclosed. For some unexplained reason, it made me feel a little old before my time;

    • 12 Chances to WIN-A-FREE Craftmatic III Adjustable Bed!
    • Your WILL is a vitally important document
    • Take a look at the benefits of the Age Concern Guarenteed Funeral Plan
    • And don’t forget the advert for a reversible, yes, reversible cape. ‘Elegant wear regardless of the weather!

    Right, I’m off for a sponge bath…

    *Which was previously called Tsunami but funnily enough they rebranded a year or two ago.

  2. The Dream

    October 12, 2008 by Amy Hansford

    For the first time in about two years, I had ‘the dream’ last night. The dream is something I believe is common to all those who shadow cast Rocky Horror, but is seldom spoken of. This morning I am breaking the silence!

    The main thread of the dream is that you’re being called upon to do a shadowcast for Rocky somewhere. Such is the nature of shadowcasting (for those who don’t know, everyone can pretty much play anything so parts are very interchangeable) that in this case you don’t know who you’re going to be, so you bring every costume and make up piece with you. You finally get to the event and you can’t find the person leading the shadowcast. You search everywhere but nothing. Then finally, once the show’s begun, you get a tip off – you’re playing Magenta!

    But holy crap, where’s your Magenta stuff? Make up, check, boots, check, but that’s it! And they’re already on to Dammmit Janet! Time slows down at this point, bizarrely giving you enough time to go to the shops. Why they’re open at the same time as a shadowcasting (normally around 10pm-2am) I have no idea, but you scrape together a black dress from somewhere. As a Rocky performer you then castrate yourself by not having an accurate costume, for goodness sake not having a wig, and manage somehow to get through the show, generally hating yourself for what you’re (not) wearing. I tell a lie – normally you get to your first scene in the film LATE (in my case they were at the Creation scene) and halfways into your almost-costume, receiving a round of tuts for your trouble.

    And then on to the next dream.

    And people wonder why I ask what part I’m playing so far in advance!

    Remember kids, Rocky Horror at the Grosvenor Cinema, Glasgow, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th November. See you there, hopefully on time and hopefully in costume!